What We Do

Fighting Human Trafficking

Our vision is to be the voice that speaks for the orphans of Moldova, from the smallest child, to the older teen. With the number of human trafficking victims on the rise – including victims of child trafficking – it is more important than ever to give these children a voice. With each voice added to ours, we are able to offer a loving home to more of these innocent children, raising them as our own, in a Christian environment.

Never in the history of this Communist country has there been an advocate for the orphans. For twenty years, this ministry has been a part of the lives of thousands of orphans, providing Christmas gifts, warm coats, food, supplies, heating oil, clean water, and so much more. But, more importantly, the ministry has shown the love of Christ in tangible ways, through regular visits, encouraging words, gentle hugs and smiles.

Part of our job, along with helping the children, is to educate people about human trafficking facts and teach them about various anti-trafficking campaigns that can help to stop child trafficking, now. Today is the day to work for the end of slavery in America. Learn how you can use your voice to help.

As of spring 2011, we not only visit and minister to orphanages, we also own the nation’s first Christian orphanage: Providence House. This home is a model that we pray will be replicated across Moldova, Eastern Europe, and around the world.

Read through our site, or contact us, today, to learn more about what we do to help stop human trafficking and minister to the orphans that have been saved from their cruel fate.

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