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Yes, You Did It!

You’ve answered the cries of the helpless time and time again. You are the reason that we are able to care for hundreds of girls and boys each and every day. You.

To follow God is to hear the cries of the helpless, of the sick, of the lonely, the abandoned and to offer them the hope that only Christ’s death on the cross can bring.

You are the reason that we were able to take Taisia in three years ago. When her parents divorced, her mother was forced to leave four of her five children in an institution. At the age of 17, Taisia had already spent four years in an orphanage.

“I was crying for a few days after she put me in the orphanage,” soft-spoken Taisia remembers. “But she came every day and told us everything would be okay and that one day we will go back to our house.”

For a month, her mother visited her children every day. But then she stopped.

“She said she was too tired to come every day and go to work, too,” Taisia told me as she blinked back tears. I didn’t believe that was the real reason, and I doubt Taisia did either.

Eventually, even Taisia’s visits home came further and further apart. She went from visiting her home once a month to once or twice a year.

Until this young girl came to Stella’s House, she only saw the place she called ‘home’ once or twice a year. And in those rooms, her father had beaten her mother. It was home, but far from a loving one.

But when Natalie and Nadia, two Stella’s House girls, came to the orphanage and told her about Stella’s, Taisia began to feel hope.

When she first stepped in our door, she finally knew what a real home was. She opened her heart and let God’s love in.

Thank you for being part of Taisia’s story.

For the children,

Philip Cameron

Philip Cameron

PS: This summer, Taisia will join the Stella’s Voice Tour to tell her whole story. Don’t miss seeing us!

Upon receipt of sufficient funds for a specific project, Stella’s Voice reserves the right to apply funds to other initiatives.

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