Her first Christmas gift, ever!

A $25 Christmas Box shares God's love with an orphan like Lilia.

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Help turn young lives around this fall!

School just started in Moldova, and the orphans entrusted to Stella's Voice need YOUR help!

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Stella's Voice On Campus

Stella was trafficked and died of AIDS at 19. We are asking college and high school students across America to join with us and become Stella's Voice, fighting against those that would seek to traffic more young women just like Stella.

Book Stella's Voice TodayStella's Voice is the last cry that remains from an orphaned girl who was sold, used, and dead from AIDS by 19. There is no one in the entire world more vulnerable to sex trafficking than orphaned girls; no one knows or cares when they disappear into the night. And there is no country that fuels the engine of sex trafficking in all of Europe more than Moldova.

Stella's Voice provides a home for poverty-ridden girls in Moldova after they are aged out of the state-run orphanages at the young age of 16. The ministry also has the only Christian orphanage in the country, as well as a separate home for boys.

Stella's Voice is more than a cry for help and rescue. It is also a beacon of help and hope, making an eternal difference for desperate children.

I am an orphan. No one cares about me. I am hungry. I am cold. I am despised. I am abandoned. I am abused. I am Stella’s Voice. A voice is all that is left of Stella, a handicapped orphan. Homeless, powerless, silenced. Used by evil men. Dead at nineteen. I am Stella’s Voice. I am the voice of orphans. I am their prayer for food, for warmth, for love. I am their cry for protection from sex traffickers. Will you be Stella’s Voice too? Together, we can make her voice louder. Together, our prayers are more powerful. Together, we can make a difference. Will you be Stella’s Voice?


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